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Entry #4

Madness Takes it's Toll

2008-02-19 07:04:52 by CobraVenom666

If you are here, you must've been invited or you want to join our madness collab club. Post your work below and we will piece together a brilliant collection of animations. Enjoy!
P.S= If you want to join, tell me.
EDIT: This has been momentarily cancelled. If you want to sign up, post work and wait for me. I will contact you once I have gotten most of my projects done. I'm on overload.


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2008-02-19 08:46:33

hey have we got any specs yet?

CobraVenom666 responds:



2008-02-19 11:13:32

First one! age=madnesskilltest3ys0.swf
Hope you guys like it.
Make more like this.
A simple room, a few guards, kills.


2008-02-19 13:27:43

ok here it is its the .fla just click download 3d49871b/

CobraVenom666 responds:

Have you got an internet link? Host in on imageshack. We are only in the picking of which ones to use right now. Or shall I look at it on your userpage. Tell me which it is. I'll hunt it down now.


2008-02-20 15:21:29

It's finished
watch it here age=fightforcollabpc7.swf
enjoy :P


2008-06-07 22:46:53

Please quit madness
Your a fucking discrase at animating it