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I'm Working on a Game

2008-02-19 01:22:25 by CobraVenom666

The game will be called Peeb: Unleashed and it will be about a weird little elephant-chicken thing that has been separated from it's herd. It is roaming the plains trying to find the herd. You control the Peeb and you have to battle it out all the way through the Wurraloo Plains. This is going to be my first game and probably my first thing on Newgrounds. So please enjoy it, and don't eat me if it sucks. Here is his walk: ge=peebvv3.swf
Bizzare, no?

Anyway, I'm also making Madness movies but I'm not turning any out at the moment because of Peeb. If there are any Madness fans out there, PM me and we could make a collab or something. I always love to hear from someone who would like help, but I'm kinda busy with the Peebling, so I won't be much use. Enjoy.

I'm Working on a Game


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